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What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident

If your car is in an accident, you’ll need to turn to your auto insurance to help cover the cost of repairs for damages to your vehicle. If you live in the Kannapolis, NC area, our professional team at Pethel Insurance Group invites you to contact us to discuss your auto insurance needs. We can provide a policy you can afford but that meets your car insurance needs. We want you to drive your car with the confidence that the right insurance is covering your vehicle.

What to Do After You Have a Car Accident 

If you have a car accident, it’s essential for you to know the right actions to take. First, move your car to a safe place where it won’t get further damage. Call the police, and let them know if there are any injuries. Ask the other driver for their driver’s license, and copy down their name and address.

In addition to that information, you’ll need their phone number and insurance information. If there are any witnesses, ask the witnesses to give you their names and phone numbers. Never agree to forget about calling the police or the insurance company since there could be hidden damage or injuries. Call your auto insurance policy and report the accident. 

Call for Your Insurance Quote Today 

Although we hope you won’t have a car accident, when you buy one of our policies, we’ll be there for you. Our experienced team serves the greater Kannapolis, NC area and we’d love an opportunity to show you why our clients express their satisfaction with our insurance. Today is the day to get the auto insurance you need. Call us today at the Pethel Insurance Group to discuss the right auto insurance for you. 

Options Allow You To Save Money on Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance can be confusing. Many types of coverage are available at different price points, which can make it difficult to choose the right one for you. At Pethel Insurance Group in Kannapolis, NC, we can answer your questions about the different levels of coverage available for your auto insurance.

Levels of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is available in many tiers, the first being liability coverage, in an amount that is generally required and set by the state in which you live. States may also require coverage for personal injury, medical costs, and uninsured motorists. Collision insurance pays for the cost of repairs to your vehicle as a result of an accident. Comprehensive covers a wide range of perils that can occur and generally adds to your insurance premium.

New car replacement coverage will provide reimbursement for a new car if your vehicle damage is deemed a total loss rather than just for the current value of your car. Other benefits may be included in an auto policy, such as towing coverage or rental car coverage when you cannot use your damaged vehicle. 

Choosing the Right Level Can Save You Money on Auto Coverage

Options such as increasing the deductible you pay before coverage begins can help to lower your auto insurance payment. You may also choose to omit comprehensive insurance from your policy, which can help to lower premiums. Your insurance agent can offer advice on what types of coverage are optional and which types are required by law.

We Are Here To Help

Our experienced agents can explain the many levels of coverage that are available for your vehicle. Contact Pethel Insurance Group in Kannapolis, NC today for a no-obligation on auto insurance that fits your needs.

What auto coverage beyond basic you should consider

In the state of North Carolina, the basic amount of auto insurance that you are required to carry is 30/60/25. It is strictly liability coverage to protect other drivers from you. At Pethel Insurance Group in Kannapolis, NC, we have been providing the residents of this part of North Carolina with personalized service for more than 15 years. 

Auto Insurance: Beyond The Basic 

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive auto insurance is frequently referred to as non-collision coverage. With this coverage, no other vehicle is involved but, lots of other things are like theft and vandalism. It covers most weather-related damage and also large animals like dear. 

Collision coverage

Collision coverage covers your vehicle if it is in an accident and sustains damage. It can be because you are responsible for the accident, are the victim of a hit-and-run, or you have a single-car collision with something other than another vehicle. 

Full glass coverage

Full glass overage is a must, it covers your windshield and all the windows in your vehicle. With this coverage, your vehicle can be repaired without having to pay a deductible, and in many cases, the repair can be done at your home or even at your job. 

Gap coverage

When you purchase a new car, you may have a large auto loan. As soon as you drive out of the dealership, your vehicle has a lot less value than it did. You may find if you have an accident at this time and total your vehicle, the amount the insurance values for your vehicle is less than what you owe. This insurance coverage covers the gap between what the insurance company values your vehicle and what you have to pay back.

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Contact Pethel Insurance Group in Kannapolis, NC when it is time to talk about changing your auto insurance. 

North Carolina Auto Insurance Basics

Insurance is a "must-have" for Kannapolis, NC automobile owners. Quite simply, it’s the law to have automobile insurance if you have an automobile. Understanding what type of insurance you need and why, however, can be significantly more complex. 

Explore some of the basics of auto insurance in North Carolina. Pethel Insurance Group can help you navigate this important insurance coverage.

You Can’t Skip Out on Auto Insurance

Have you ever heard of people paying insurance sometimes and then letting it lapse? Well, in North Carolina that isn’t legal. The law requires automobile liability to be continuous — meaning you should always be covered and not have gaps in your coverage.

Minimum Auto Insurance

Not only must your insurance be ongoing, but it must cover a certain amount of damages. As listed by the state you must carry:

  • $30,000 Bodily Injury for each person
  • $60,000 total Bodily Injury for all persons in an accident
  • $25,000 for Property Damage

What these legal guidelines mean is that you must meet a minimum of insured medical coverage for any person who may be involved in a car accident with you including those in your car and the other vehicle or vehicles. In addition to having basic medical coverage, you need to have a minimum amount of insurance for property damage that you may cause to the other party, such as engine work or body work needed for repair.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

North Carolina also requires uninsured motorist coverage — this is your protection against people who don’t follow the rules. Uninsured motorist coverage may include your medical costs and sometimes vehicle repair if you are hit-and-run or have an accident with a person not holding legal insurance.

Learn about the auto insurance specifics that matter to you with Pethel Insurance Group in Kannapolis, NC.

The Basics of Auto Insurance Deductibles

If you’ve never had auto insurance or are new to it, you might not know about deductibles. This is a crucial element that you should learn about before you will end up needing to do anything with it. You can discuss this with an agent from Pethel Insurance Group of the Kannapolis, NC area if you have some specific questions. 

What Is an Auto Insurance Deductible? 

A deductible is what a driver will have to pay out of pocket for any repairs before they can tap into the insurance. They only apply when it comes to comprehensive and collision claims. The premium typically will be lower when the deductible is higher. This means that you’ll pay less for your insurance in general. 

Insurance companies will sometimes offer diminishing deductibles on someone’s auto insurance policy. This is also known by the terms "disappearing" or "vanishing" deductible. It is additional coverage that serves as a reward for safe drivers. Drivers who don’t get into automobile accidents and continue to have a clean driving record end up with a decreased deductible amount as a type of reward. 

Can You Choose Your Deductible? 

Yes, in many cases, you will be able to choose if you have a low or high deductible. Auto insurance deductibles are different from health insurance because there aren’t any annual deductibles that you have to meet. However, you are responsible for the stated deductible in your insurance policy each time you file a claim. Once you pay this amount, your insurance company will pay out the rest of the cost to replace or repair your vehicle. 

The process of getting and maintaining your auto insurance is made easier when you work with a trustworthy agent such as those at Pethel Insurance Group of the greater Kannapolis, NC area. Contact us today to get more information on deductibles and other aspects of auto insurance.