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Commercial Insurance Coverage That A Restaurant Owner May Need

Commercial insurance will provide coverage for your new restaurant. Learn how this type of insurance could benefit you as a new restaurant owner.

Commercial Insurance

The manner in which you operate your business will influence the type of insurance coverage that is needed. First, prepare a list of the restaurant equipment, commercial vehicles, and other assets that you own.

This list should indicate the value of each item that is used during normal business operations. Pethel Insurance Group serving Kannapolis, NC will go over the items on your list. We can make insurance recommendations that will benefit you as a business owner.

Amount Of Sales

The amount of sales that are projected to take place at your restaurant will influence how much coverage you need. The agent who assists you will need to be provided with information about the manner in which you plan to operate your business. You can provide this overview during a scheduled meeting with an insurance agent. 

Business Risks

An agent who represents Pethel Insurance Group will consider risks that could affect the amount of coverage your business needs. The location of your restaurant, for instance, will be taken into account.

If you operate your business in a region where theft or vandalism is likely to occur, the agent who serves you may recommend that you seek more coverage. All the risks that are identified will be discussed during your meeting with a Kannapolis, NC agent.

Consult With Us

The agents who represent Pethel Insurance Group are trained to educate business owners about the types of insurance products that are available. Feel free to contact an agent about any insurance coverage questions or concerns that you have.