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Loss Of Use Coverage for Renters

Loss of use coverage provides protection when you are unable to occupy your rental unit. Review some situations that would benefit from this type of coverage. If you want to update your existing renters’ insurance policy, contact one of our agents representing the Pethel Insurance Group.


If your rental unit becomes flooded, you cannot safely remain in it. A loss-of-use coverage plan will provide you with alternate accommodations while you are temporarily unable to stay in your home.


If your rental is robbed, the severity of the incident could prevent you from living there. If criminal activity occurs that will take a while to investigate, you may be advised to seek a temporary living situation.


An active renovation in your rental may require you to live somewhere else while the project is underway. Your loss of use coverage would pay for a hotel room or another type of dwelling where you will be staying for the time being.

Structural Damage

An unforeseen weather event could damage the structural materials of your rental. If your rental unit is deemed uninhabitable, you will need to seek an alternate living situation. Your insurance coverage may pay for the accommodations you need while the damage is being repaired.

Additional Guidance

Loss of use coverage can benefit you in many situations while actively renting your residence. Contact an agent who serves Kannapolis, NC. The agent will consult you about the loss of use coverage you need while renting your apartment or house.