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Questions you should ask an insurance agent when shopping for home insurance

Are you a lucky homeowner residing in Kannapolis, NC or any other town in the state of North Carolina? Searching for home insurance to protect your valuable investment but do not know where to begin? Here is a list of the most important questions you should ask an insurance agent when shopping for this type of insurance:

Do I Have To Purchase Home Insurance?

In North Carolina, home insurance is not mandatory. However, a mortgage lender may require homebuyers to get it first. You can decide for yourself whether you want to spend money on home insurance or not. Just keep in mind that it is very risky to own a home without insurance because you never know what might happen. 

What Is Typically Covered By Standard Home Insurance?

Usually, standard insurance will compensate homeowners if lightning, storm, vandalism, hail, or any other unpredictable and unfortunate situation causes damage to their home. A home insurance policy also usually covers the loss of personal belongings. 

Do I Need To Have Separate Coverage For Earthquakes And Floods?

Unfortunately, standard home insurance policies do not cover flooding and earthquakes. So, the answer is yes – you will have to get separate coverage for these situations. Analyze the area you live and decide whether earthquake and flood insurance is really necessary. 

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Home insurance is not a luxury and is not a waste of money – it is the most efficient way to protect your home and personal belongings. If you are a lucky homeowner residing in the greater Kannapolis, NC region and you are looking for home insurance, Pethel Insurance Group is here to offer you help. At Pethel Insurance Group, we are ready to find a policy for that will satisfy your needs. All you need to do is to give us a call today to have protection tomorrow!

Home Insurance for First-Time Buyers

Buying a home is an exciting milestone, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of the most important is protecting your investment with the right insurance policy. As a first-time homebuyer in Kannapolis, NC, you may not be familiar with the ins and outs of home insurance.

That’s where Pethel Insurance Group comes in – we’re here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to make informed decisions about your coverage. Here are some essential things to know about home insurance as a first-time buyer.

Types of Coverage

There are several types of coverage that are typically included in a standard homeowners insurance policy:

  • Dwelling coverage: This covers the physical structure of your home and any attached structures, like a garage or deck.
  • Personal property coverage: This covers the belongings inside your home, like furniture, clothing, and electronics.
  • Liability coverage: This covers you if someone is injured on your property or if you accidentally damage someone else’s property.
  • Additional living expenses coverage: This covers the cost of temporary housing and other expenses if you’re unable to live in your home due to a covered loss.

Factors to Consider

When selecting a home insurance policy, there are several factors to consider:

  • Deductible: This is the amount you’ll pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. Choosing a higher deductible can lower your premium, but you’ll need to pay more if you file a claim.
  • Limits: This is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay out for a covered loss. 
  • Endorsements: These are additional coverages to protect against specific risks, like floods or earthquakes.
  • Credit score: Your credit score can impact your premium.
  • Location: Your home’s location can impact your premium, as some areas may be at higher risk for certain types of damage.

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Navigating the world of home insurance can be daunting, but it’s an essential step for any first-time homebuyer in Kannapolis NC. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your new home.

What every new homeowner needs to know about home insurance

Buying a new home is stressful. Choosing your home insurance shouldn’t be. Buying home insurance gives you the peace of mind that you require. At Pethel Insurance Group in Kannapolis, NC, we are an independent insurance agency dedicated to making sure our customers have the right insurance for their personal needs. 

What every new homeowner needs to know about home insurance

Home insurance has exclusions

As good as home insurance is at protecting you and your home, it just won’t cover everything that could go wrong. The exclusions are clearly outlined in your policy, which makes actually reading your home insurance policy vital. Exclusions include wear and tear, owner neglect, earth movement, and floods. Knowing these exclusions allows you to make other arrangements for coverage. 

Certain coverage has limits

Another good reason to read your policy thoroughly is that certain types of items have limited coverage. Your jewelry, antiques, electronics, and other things are not covered after the limit is reached. They can, however, be extended with a rider. 

You have choices when it comes to content coverage

If you own a lot of things that you probably would not want to replace, getting replacement coverage is probably a good choice. If you love what you have and want to replace it, the current value is a better option. 

You can extend your coverage with riders

Riders or endorsements can provide additional coverage beyond what your traditional home policy includes. It can give your sewer backup coverage, and extend the coverage you have on your jewelry and electronics. 

You choose your deductible and liability coverage

You have options when it comes to the amount of liability insurance that you have and also the dollar amount of your deductible. You can customize your policy. 

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Contact Pethel Insurance Group in Kannapolis, NC before you choose your home insurance coverage. 

How Often Should I Review My Home Insurance Policy?

It’s best that you stay on top of your home insurance policy to ensure that you are not only getting the best protection for your home but also the best deal on your premiums. This is why you should frequently review your home insurance policy. Here’s how often you need to do this as a Kannapolis, NC homeowner. 

How Often Should I Review My Home Insurance Policy? 

Annually, at renewal time:

Most home policies offer protection for 12 months, after which the policy will expire unless you renew it, or it will be automatically renewed. You should take advantage of this renewal to review your home policy. You can change your home insurance policy to fit your current protection needs, like adding or removing some coverages or increasing or lowering deductibles. 

When renovating or remodeling:

Renovating or remodeling your home will typically increase its value. Therefore, you should contact your insurer to review your home insurance and make sure that it reflects the renovations and the remodeling done and the increased value of the property. 

When you purchase expensive stuff: 

At Pethel Insurance Group, we recommend that whenever you purchase something pricy, such as a piece of art or jewelry, you review your home insurance policy. This will ensure that your recently priced possession is covered under your home insurance in case of loss or damage. 

When you rent your basement or a room:

You should let your insurer know when you lease your basement or a room in your home while still living there. This will prevent your home policy from getting canceled by the insurer for violation of terms. Also, review your home insurance policy to increase your coverage since more people live there and there is more personal property in the home. 


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If you need more info on your home insurance policy in Kannapolis, NC and surrounding areas, Pethel Insurance Group is happy to help. Contact us today.

Things that home insurance won’t cover

Home insurance is designed to protect your home from many different hazards. But like most insurance, it has exceptions, things that it won’t cover. Some of them may surprise you if you haven’t read your home insurance policy. In Kannapolis, NC, Pethel Insurance Group is your local independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents are not like captive agents, they can offer you more than one insurance carrier, which means you have more choices and a better chance of getting the perfect fit. 

Earth movement

When the earth moves and damage results, the damage will not be covered. This includes earthquakes, sinkholes, and landslides. You can buy an endorsement to cover this type of damage if you are concerned it might happen to you. 


Floods cause a lot of damage and flooding can lead to mold and other problems if the water sits and the weather is warm.  Floods and mudflow are not covered by traditional home insurance. You can purchase dedicated flood insurance as long as you are in a community that participates in the National Flood Management Program. 

Water damage

Water damage can happen from other things besides flooding. If you have a sump pump and it backs up or you have a sewer backup into your home, it won’t be covered by your home insurance. 

Owner neglect

Your insurance company expects you to maintain your home. If there is a danger of your house is infested with termites or other bugs, it is up to you to get your home treated and to maintain the treatment. If things just wear out, like your roof or your furnace, they are not covered by home insurance. If a tree dies and then falls on your home, you could be out of luck. 

Contact Pethel Insurance Group in Kannapolis, NC when you need to update your home insurance.