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When am I required to get a renters insurance plan?

Renting a home can be a good idea for a lot of people in North Carolina. When renting you will enjoy fewer responsibilities and risks and will have more flexibility when it comes to moving. If you would like to rent a home in the Kannapolis, NC area, you will want to get the right insurance. Renter’s insurance tends to be a requirement for many reasons when here. 

When Signing a Lease

A common situation when you will need renters insurance is when you are going to sign a lease. It is very common for a property owner to require a tenant to carry renter’s insurance. When a renter is covered, they will receive both liability coverage and personal property protection. This ensures they have support during an accident. If you do not have this coverage, it could invalidate your lease. 

When Looking to Maximize Protection

You also will need to get a renter’s insurance plan when you are trying to maximize your personal coverage. If you are going to rent a home, you will need to purchase various personal assets including kitchenware, electronics, and other important items. When you have renter’s coverage, you will get the support needed to replace or repair such items following a loss. You will also receive helpful liability support. With all necessary coverage, you will remain appropriately supported. 

Consult With Us

It is always helpful for people who are in the Kannapolis, NC area to get a renter’s insurance plan. If you are looking for a plan when you are here, you can call our team with the Pethel Insurance Group. When you call our team at the Pethel Insurance Group, you will get the help necessary to build your next policy. This will ensure you are appropriately covered at all times.